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The Ballad Of Josie

The Ballad Of Josie

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The Ballad Of Josie Josie Minick is a widow, who is forced to fend for herself. Josie living in a cattle country, finds herself in odds and war with the cattlemen of the town, when she decides to make a sheep farm her livelihood. When Doris goes West…the West goes chicken!

Give Josie a chance…she’s pure gold!

The Ballad Of Josie  What’s not to love about this film? If you can reserve judgment until the end, you’ll discover the humorous and heartwarming tale of a woman who is not afraid to stand her ground! Doris Day as Josie, opposite Peter Graves’ Jason, is a tremendous force to be reckoned with. In true Doris-style she takes on “the men” of Wyoming, bucking convention (in a great pair of Levi’s) and daring them to deny her her basic human rights. OK, so it only takes 2 glasses of brandy to knock Josie off her feet, but she comes right back swinging all the harder! And when the dust clears, she’s there, triumphant to the end. Not only does she beat back an oppressive cattle baron, she also manages to fend for herself and her son, run a sheep-raising operation, endear herself to the women of Wyoming, and win the love and admiration of a pretty swell guy, in my opinion. So who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? I give Josie 10 stars

Warm, Funny, Good for the family fare.

A light hearted comedy based on both the range wars of the 1800’s and the eternal battle between man and woman. If you’re nostalgic for movies without a moral or a lesson, no violence and just plain fun, then this oldie but goo die is for you. Doris Day comes across as a spunky but humorous woman, trying to make her way in a man’s world, and her antics are at times, almost classic slapstick. Peter Graves and George Kennedy offer wonderful foils against Doris Day, and even William Talman gets into the mood with more than a few bright quips. The characters of Klugg and Bratsch afford their own dry humor as they sit, observe and bet and comment on the activities of the other characters. The tone of the movie itself is upbeat and fun, and if you like light hearted family fare, then you could do a lot worse than spending an evening with this older flick.

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