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The Babysitter's Seduction

The Babysitter's Seduction

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The Babysitter’s Seduction   The mother of the family for which Michelle baby-sits dies unexpectedly. Michelle is asked to take over looking after the children and is gradually “seduced” by the father. When suspicions arise that the mother had been murdered (and had been having an affair), Michelle unknowingly becomes enveloped in a web of lies until she herself is suspected. Gradually she realises all is not as it seems.


The Babysitter’s Seduction   This movie is so great… it really is. I originally saw it years ago on NBC, I believe, when it was a movie of the week and I loved it. Since then, they’ve reshown it on Lifetime many times and it is one of my all time favorite Lifetime movies. Collins displays his range as an actor playing this horribly evil and sleazy guy, a total contradiction to his character on “7th Heaven”. To most, it may not be quality stuff but to me, it’s a serious ‘guilty pleasure’. Good times. 🙂

Good movie considering it’s a tv movie

This movie was good… the plot drew you in and the characters did as well. But i must say i squirmed whenever Stephen Collins and Keri Russel locked lips. It was just disturbing to see a nearly 50 year old man at the time and a just turned 20 year old kiss… however, these two great actors made it seem realistic. The ending was predictable but the parts leading up to it kept you on the edge of your seat. I recommend that you try to catch this movie on lifetime. It was better then what you would expect from a tv movie

A great movie, thanks to Keri Russell

It is according to me a great movie. Keri Russell plays once again a great role, and she is pretty. Also I think that Stephen Collins plays a good opponent. It is a movie that keeps you thinking.

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