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The Aphrodite Inheritance

The Aphrodite Inheritance

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The Aphrodite Inheritance, When British Engineer Barry Collier is injured in an accident in Cyprus his brother David flies out only to find he has died. It soon becomes apparent that Barry Collier was involved with some very strange people. And before he knows it, David has some strange experiences of his own. Could it have something to do with the photo of a stone carved with hieroglyphics? Who are the intriguing characters that seem to be pulling David Collier’s strings and appear and disappear at will? Businessman Eugene Hellman, the barman Charalambos, the brigand Basileos and the very beautiful Helene. Can it really be that the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece are playing games with him?

Excellent, well worth watching.

The Aphrodite Inheritance,Excellent series, imaginative storyline yet the idea of the Gods still coming to the aid of humans is as believable now as it was 2000 years ago. The idea that work done on one of the many building sites could uncover an ancient tomb is the stuff of dreams yet is also possible given that with the passage of time these things have been forgotten about with the coming of Christianity. The old beliefs and practices which made so much sense all those centuries ago have been long forgotten about but a series like this reminds us that once the Gods were seen as being very human in their personifications. Much more believable and likable than an omnipotent but never seen or heard God. They portray all the desires and behavioral traits of humans but with the divine added in. Should be on everyones ‘must watch list’. Wish there were more series like this around, brilliant storyline without all the bad language, , guts and unnecessary that ‘distinguishes’ modern programmes. Well worth watching and true to the book.
A wonderful tale of mystery and murder.

The Aphrodite Inheritance, David Collier arrives on Cyprus having received word of his brother’s tragic death. He goes on a mission to uncover the events surrounding his brother’s death.

It’s a wonderful, engrossing series, that will have you captivated, it’s deliberately paced, the story and characters develop wonderfully. The difference from the first episode to the last is huge, I particularly loved the final episode, it is terrific.

It looks sublime, gorgeous monuments, landscapes and general scenery, this show is a real feast for the senses. Those opening credits are so wonderfully of their time, as is the music.

Tremendous acting from start to finish, all involved play their part, however it’s the enchanting Alexandra Bastedo who will have you transfixed.

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