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The Amorous Milkman

The Amorous Milkman

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The Amorous Milkman, Randy Milkman Davey bites off more than he can chew when he starts to deliver more than pints of milk to some of the bored housewives on his route. In a short space of time he finds himself engaged to two different women; on the receiving end of a bad beating from the local gangster whose girlfriend has been two-timing him with Davey; and finally he ends up in court on a rape charge when an irate husband comes home unexpectedly and discovers Terry and his wife in a compromising situation.

Hooray for the Rank Charm School and Emotional Constipation!


The Amorous Milkman, I loved Prof_Critic’s review! The only trouble is, all the reasons he listed for disliking the film (the references to saucy postcards, British end-of-the-pier culture, Carry-on bawdiness, emotional constipation, the Rank Charm School, etc) are reasons, as I see it, to cherish it.

I’d rather sit through a million films like The Amorous Milkman than be lectured by earnest, humourless cultural Marxists (many of whom mistakenly believe themselves merely to be liberals so subliminal has their brainwashing been), who have a visceral hatred for the indigenous people and culture of England. For this reason alone I must award the film a full ten marks!

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