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That Wonderful Urge

That Wonderful Urge

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That Wonderful Urge, An investigative reporter uses a ruse to meet Sara Farley, a grocery-store heiress he’s been writing unflattering things about. He gets her to start talking about herself and finds her down-to-earth and engaging. Before he can publish an honest and admiring story, she finds out who he is, assumes he’s going to write more lies, and sets out to undercut him by announcing to the press that the two of them are married. In trying to get the truth out, he loses his job, the two of them spend time in jail, and the stakes escalate. Finally, he sues her for libel, and a court tries to set things right.

Wonderful collection of fine actors in this comedy remake.

That Wonderful Urge, After half a lifetime of viewing movies I finally got to see this film “That Wonderful Urge” with Ty Power and Gene Tierney, once again teamed up. Always interesting to see a new film not viewed before.

There’s a fabulous, well-rounded cast – Gene Lockhart, Lucile Watson, Reginald Gardiner, Chill Wills, Porter Hall – all familiar faces, and I really felt much more could have been done due to the presence of these great actors appearing all in one film. Well, in Marlon Brando’s words (On the Waterfront), you could say, “I coulda been a somebody” because everything was there except a fine script, but I’m thinking drama instead of comedy, my fault really. I think the main problem is that Ty and Gene are forever enshrined in my memory as two of the finest actors in that great story, “The Razor’s Edge,” an influence which is hard to shake free of and I’d gladly welcome another film of that calibre with them in it but my expectations will have to remain a wish.

Since the story of “That Wonderful Urge” is based on comedy I must admit there are many amusing moments and unexpected turns as the tale unfolds.

Thomas Tyler (Ty), a reporter, is out to get the inside scoop for his newspaper on the heiress, Sara Farley (Gene Tierney). After he poses as an admirer in order to obtain a story of her personal side, she becomes aware of his trickery and is determined to show him what it’s like being in the spotlight of public news, and she does this by announcing to a group of anxious newspapermen the fact that they are indeed married. Needless to say from hereon the newspapers take over and the plot is up and running. It is then Tom-Tom’s turn to refute the statement and it gets more complicated at every turn.

I like Gene Lockhart in his role as a judge and it reminded me of his later role in “Carousel” also.

This movie is one I recently bought as part of a box set “Tyrone Power Matinée Collection” where I thought I was getting five movies but it turns out to be ten, plus more extras. It’s a must-have for those who appreciate Tyrone Power’s films.

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