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Take Me Home : The John Denver Story

Take Me Home : The John Denver Story

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Take Me Home : The John Denver Story  Biopic about the musical career and life of American singer-songwriter John Denver.

Good movie but full of more TV movie anachronisms


Take Me Home : The John Denver Story  I enjoyed this movie, but once again, history and chronology were ignored. Example – if you believe this movie, the song Calypso came out after the movie ‘Oh God!’ Actually, Calypso was a hit in the fall of 1975, ‘Oh God!’ was released in 1977. If you believe this movie, Annie’s Song, a top ten hit from 1974 came out post 1976.

The movie also skips from 1972 straight to 1976 which omits John Denver ‘s peak years as a performer and hit maker.

Why don’t these TV Movie makers do any real research? Because they need to get the movie out first, accuracy is secondary.

Unfortunately, TV movies are now no different than tabloid magazines.

Worth watching but don’t rely on it for chronological accuracy

This is a very good movie!

Based on a book, this is a very sweet movie that explores the private lives of “John Denver” Chad Lowe[brother of Rob Lowe] (Now and Again) and his wife “Annie Denver” Kristin Davis (Sex and the City). There were many things about John Denver which were emphasized in this movie. The first was that his father (an military pilot) never gave John any positive enforcement about his career in music. He wanted his son to join the military like dad did. That is how I explain his fascination with flying. It wasn’t until Denver took his father for a ride in his airplane that the father finally gave him compliments and they were able to talk about the father’s lack of encouragement of Denver’s career. The father did not even like the fact that John adopted the stage name Denver, after the city in beautiful Colorado. The second was that John Denver was an extremely talented composer and singer, but he did not get the recognition that he deserved because his music was not mainstream and the only big record label that would sign a contract with him was RCA. The third was that the Denver’s were unable to have children and adopted two kids; one was African American. This was all very good and interesting. I believe that the ratings were probably low because people tend to assume that all movies made for television are bad. Which is absolutely not true.There were some songs that we did even realize John Denver composed. Unfortunately he was more famous and much more admired abroad than he was in the U.S., and that frustrated him a lot. Favorite Scenes: Denver proposing and proposing to his wife. He drove hours just to ask her out. Favorite Quote: Denver:”far out.”

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