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Take Me High

Take Me High

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Take Me High  Merchant banker Tim, excited to hear he’s to go to New York, is sent to Birmingham instead to pressure a small struggling restaurant. But he turns this into a positive by falling in love with the owner and co-founding a glamorous new burger bar.

User Reviews

Nice and harmless

Take Me High  By any measure this is a very cheesy film, but it’s so harmless and wholesome you can’t really take umbrage with it. Based around the jewel of the British Waterways, the Gas Street basin it offers a fascinating historical insight into this very special area of Birmingham. Sort of film you can enjoy as long as you restrict watching it to, say, every ten years or so.

It’s a pity that it has yet to be released on a modern format as I know many Brummies would enjoy just watching the film for the shots around the City. A City which has changed much, Take me High provides a good visual snap shot of the capitol of the British Midlands just before it’s decline as a light industrial engineering world centre.

During Cliffs tenure on his canal boat in the Gas Street basin he would have had a neighbour in the fictional Wilf Harvey popular elderly Crossroads character who lived on dry land adjacent to the canals.

A Real Classic

OK so it’s Cliff in flares in Birmingham but this film has a charm all it’s own. The soundtrack is brilliant, these songs are very good and the storyline is refreshing in that it’s based in England. Anthony Andrews and Hugh Griffiths are great and Cliff is, well, Cliff!

Watch it enough times and you’ll soon have your favourite scenes, lines and even songs. The moral is still relevant today – money and the pursuit of real happiness. There are some good actors in this and George Cole is superb as a hardbitten socialist. Cliff has some great outfits in this, truly 100% 1973 gear and it’s an interesting snapshot of life in this country all those years ago. I’d like to add that Gas Street IS in the middle of Birmingham – we did the map fold!!!!!

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