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Steptoe & Son

Steptoe & Son

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Steptoe & Son, Albert Steptoe and his son Harold are junk dealers, complete with horse and cart to tour the neighbourhood. They also live amicably together at the junk yard. But Harold, who likes the bright lights in the West End of London, meets a stripper. Fine, but he marries her and takes her home. Albert, of course, is furious and tries every trick he knows to drive the new bride from his household.


Steptoe & Son, Unfairly rated low as of 2020, It’s classic British comedy before all the PC nutcases ruined free speech and comedy ! OK it’s a bit dated being 1970’s but it still holds up, the long running series wasn’t one of the most popular and successful BBC series of all time for noting. Enjoy and rate it 10! + catch the 2nd movie Steptoe and son ride again.

Really interesting to revisit movies I saw back in the day. So much has changed, for better and for worse. This movie has aged surprisingly well, and in my opinion captures the grime of 70s London wonderfully. Some simply stunning street shots, great banter between the two old goats, and a lovely sensitive performance by Carolyn Seymour. It’s rife with brilliant one liners ‘walnut crushers’ comes to mind. I know some reviews whine about this movie being depressing or too dark..come on.

This is a master piece of British t.v cinema. I have all the Steptoe and son episode’s on DVD. Their home and its contents have been a part of the shows make-up, (THEY ARE RAG AND BONE MEN) and there home tries to reflect that fact. That’s one of the reasons Harold keeps trying to get away, he is only to aware of his messy surroundings. (dust? more like bleedin top soil) The film is just a re-working of an episode they did called ‘STEPTOE AND SON AND SON’ I have to concede that this is not as good as the series it still has all the humor you come to expect. But if you haven’t seen the series then you may not get the all the humor, and if you like the film then you WILL love the series. purely British sit-com.

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