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Stay Away, Joe

Stay Away, Joe

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Stay Away, Joe A mixed race American Indian rodeo champ returns to the reservation to help his people out.

As An Elvis Fan, I Loved It

Stay Away, Joe, Pretty much everybody who ever talks about this film says it’s horrible and stupid. I could not disagree more. This is a light-hearted and funny movie that left me with a smile on my face. Sure, it’s silly…but it’s supposed to be. And Katy Jurado and Burgess Meredith both give hilarious performances. The 4 songs in the film are fun and catchy, and as always…Elvis’s voice is top-notch. Three of his friends (Charlie Hodge, Joe Esposito, and Sonny West) join him on this movie, and it only adds to the fun.

Say what you want about this movie, but as an Elvis fan…I was just happy to get to spend over an hour laughing with the King.

this comedy is a hoot

“Stay away, Joe” is one hilarious comedy movie. It’s got a fine supporting cast, an Elvis who was extremely comfortable with his role and there are at least half a million laughs. One has to admit, that once or twice one gets the impression, the script wasn’t quite finished when they started shooting (like in the overlong party sequence near the beginning) and the director wasn’t as talented as Burt Kennedy, but we still get some 100 min. of fast paced entertainment. As a fan of western movies I have seen all the Peckinpahs, Hawks’ and Fords and I find it interesting that “Stay away, Joe” tells a similar story like “Junior Bonner” which was made several years later; rodeo champion returns home, wants to support his folks, encounters all sorts of problems. Even in some details “Junior Bonner” seems to be inspired by this movie; e.g. in both movies there is a big fight scene during which the hero takes his girl by the hand and, crawling on all fours, tries to find a quiet spot outside. Anyone who liked “Support your local gunfighter” will most likely enjoy “Stay away, Joe”

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