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Spring and Port Wine

Spring and Port Wine

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Spring and Port Wine, A stern father and lenient mother try to deal with the ups and downs of their four children’s lives in working class Bolton.

Favourite film

Spring and Port Wine, No matter what mood I’m in, this film always sorts me out. I can’t count the times I’ve watched it, at any time of the day or night. It is the most basic of love stories, showing that the ties that bind a family are often stretched to the limit, but cannot be broken. I have over 500 films in my collection and I don’t think there’s a more romantic moment in any, than when James Mason takes of his jacket and puts is round Diana Coupland’s shoulders. I remember feeling the tenderness of that moment when I first saw the film in the cinema as a young teenager and now I am 50 and it still makes me shiver. There’s never been another film which comes anywhere near it.

My time in Bolton from 1965 to 1970 Happy days!

I love this film ‘Spring and port wine’. I was born in Leigh, a town about 7 miles away from Bolton, I moved to Bolton in 1965 when I was 20. My place of work was daily via Little Lever through Farnworth, sometimes on a bike but then by car when I could afford it.The film brings back all the memories of the working class neighbors who were almost always broke but who would always help you if they could. Fred Dibnah was round the corner from Bromwich St. were my bedsit was. If you didn’t see the film when first released then you may be forgiven for comparing it to a soap such as Coronation St, well I agree it is a soap, but then, it was called ‘Kitchen Sink Drama!’ Watch this film for the talented cast who shortly afterwards became household names from frequent roles on TV, I watch mainly for the shots of the locality and the feel good factor of people being poor but happy!

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