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Spinout, Mike McCoy is the lead singer for a band combo and part-time racecar driver trying to get by when he is persued by a trio of very different women who want his hand in marriage. The first is Les, the female drummer of his band, The second is Cynthia, a spoiled heiress and Daddy’s girl. The third is Diana, a writer of books on men.

Not Elvis’ best, but some good moments

Spinout This is not one of Elvis’ best or most memorable films, but it is pretty good. For one thing, we get to see Elvis in his most suitable film role, as a racecar driver caught up with multiple ladies (seen that before? You have, but it’s all good). Walley is great as his tomboyish drummer who hides her crush from him but ends up falling convincingly for policeman Hutchins. Fabares is always a good match for Elvis, and here as a scheming heiress she is virtually his film nemesis. The songs are generally poor, but there are a few highlights.

All in all, your basic Elvis movie, not harmful to the brain cells but certainly providing as little stimulation as possible to the nerves.

Another Wonderful pairing of Elvis and the Lovely Shelley Fabares

This is one of my favorite Elvis films because of the humor, the cast, and the music. Elvis plays Mike Mccoy, a singer and race car driver. it also includes Jimmy Hawkins(my favorite male Elvis co-star), Jack Mullaney(comic relief) and Deborah Walley. They all do a nice job playing off Elvis. Shelley Fabares is one of the three women after Elvis in the film. She plays the spoiled rich girl Cynthia beautifully, and she has never looked prettier on film than she does here. Her father is played by Carl Betz, who as many know, played her father on the Donna Reed show for five years. He also does a great job trying to get Elvis to drive his car, but keep him away from his daughter. Warren Berlinger also plays a great comic relief role as Philip, who really likes Cynthia. Will Hutchins is very funny as the cop who tries to run Elvis and crew out of town. He would later star with Elvis in Clambake. Adding a nice touch to the film as well is Una Merkel and Cecil Kellaway. They play an elderly couple that Elvis meet and convinces them to let him and his band watch their house as they take a vacation in his car. The songs are wonderful. I especially love Spinout, Smorgasbord, Adam and Evil and the great I’ll Be Back, sung at the end. All in all, a very entertaining film that has a good feel and good flow to it.

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