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Silver Bells

Silver Bells

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Silver Bells  Widower Christopher ‘Christy’ Byrne makes his preteen son Danny and daughter Bridget help out on the family tree farm, top priority. His year’s highlight is selling their Christmas trees in New York. When Danny is sixteen, he runs away there to pursue his own dream, photography. Museum employee Catherine O’Mara securely helps him with assignments and study facilities. Christy and friendly cop Rip keep looking for Danny. But when contact is finally made, Christy still hasn’t learned his lesson and Danny pays another cruel price.

Parents & Children to Spend More Time Together

Silver Bells  I just love Chistmas stories, all Christmas stories. The photography is excellent. You can almost feel the wonderful chilly weather. This is a film for the entire family having to deal with today’s problems: Parent & Child Communication. We have to listen to what our children are saying to us. Often times parents insist on living out their dreams through their children, and not letting their children live out their own dreams. All children are gifted in some way. We as parents have to help our children realize their own dreams. We want to cushion the falls that our little ones are going to have along the way, but experience is an excellent teacher. No matter how old we are, we still keep learning even when we are old and gray. I do wish the full cast would’ve been listed in the credits. Often times these little films are shown only once, so it is best to plan on watching to see if it will be a “little diamond in the rough”. Since I had my trusty VCR working, I’ll be able to look at it a second time. There are more of life’s lessons to learn in “Silver Bells”.

A nice little Christmas movie

A Hallmark Hall of Fame production so the quality is definitely above and beyond a normal made-for-Hallmark Channel movie. Released about twice a year to American television, these are usually pretty good movies which would sometimes be able to compete in the theaters. Anne Heche and Tate Donovan were both very good in the lead roles. The story is mostly about a runaway teen but there’s surely a nice Christmasy feel here. Other Hallmark Hall of Fame productions have a way of really tugging at the heartstrings but this falls a bit short of that. Still a nice little movie for Christmas time.


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