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Runaway , In the near future, a police officer specializes in malfunctioning robots. When a robot turns out to have been programmed to kill, he begins to uncover a homicidal plot to create killer robots… and his son becomes a target.

futuristic crime/action

Runaway , A lot of critics complain about this movie but it was very well made for it’s time. Not only does the movie show robots going out of control but it also shows a society of complete distrust and characters that are very cold. Gene Simmons from Kiss is perfect in the role with his looks and his voice as a sadistic villain that keeps managing to circumvent authorities. Chris Mulkey a bit actor is also good as an idiot that gets involved with Simmons. The script and soundtrack are excellent. Tom selleck also goes well as a frustrated cop who is fiercely determined to stop the bad guy and is humorously sarcastic to the people he deals with.

Great sci-fi thriller

The beauty of “Runaway” – . . . well, there are a few, actually. It’s a good marriage of cop movie and plausible science fiction, a nasty villain (Gene Simmons with that creepy stare) and it works pretty much as well now as it did 30 years ago – which is something when we’re talking a movie that’s as unabashedly ’80s as this. Selleck and Rhodes (hello!) have a good rapport, and the car “chase” scene on the freeway was pretty well don. On second thought, this probably shouldn’t be as watchable as it is, but then again, Crichton actually manages to wring some nice suspense out of tiny robots.

A great 80s sci fi cop flick


This is a great cop science fiction combo movie. If you liked Robocop or Blade runner then you will dig this movie. Tom Selleck plays a cop from the special Police Robotics division, like a bomb expert except with robots. It has some bad words, violence and complimentary nudity, so caution with kids under 16.

Wow I am surprised this movie is not more appreciated. It has great action for a 80s movie. And it is kind of set in the future where everybody has robots in their home. And even for the era the sci fi looked cool, even had some heat seeking mini missiles that were fired from a gun.

Tom Sellek does a good job and Gene Simmons takes a break from KISS and is a awesome bad guy. Even Kirsti Alley is young and hot.

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