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Out To Sea

Out To Sea

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Out To Sea, Care-free Charlie cons his widower brother-in-law Herb into an expenses-paid luxury cruise in search of rich, lonely ladies. The catch is that they are required to be dance hosts! With a tyrannical cruise director, and the luscious Liz and lovely Vivian, our heroes have lots of mis-adventures before they finally return to port.

Out to Sea-Go Down to the Sea in Ships to Catch this One 


Out To Sea, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, both of whom are sadly missed, proved once again that they were a team dedicated to their craft of bringing hilarious moments to the screen. This film is just another example of this.

This time out they play two brothers-in-law who land on a ship as dance instructors on board.

Of course, their boss is a perfectionist and miserable person named Gil Godwin who just enjoys harassing these boys. It’s hilarious how Lemmon gives a quick lesson in dancing to Matthau and how the latter dances a riotous rumba with the boat’s owner Rue McLanahan.

Too bad that fellow dance instructors Hal Linden and Donald O’Connor are given so little to do but their parts call for that. Matthau falls for Dyan Cannon, on board with her fellow gold-digging mother, the usual outrageous Elaine Stritch. Unknown to them, Matthau has no money either. The widower Lemmon falls for Gloria De Haven, looking lovelier than ever.

The film belongs to Matthau and Lemmon and will serve as a further tribute to their illustrious careers.

“Good Lemmon & Matthau Comedy!”

Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Dyan Cannon, Gloria DeHaven, Elain Stritch, Rue McClanahan and Brent Spiner star in this 1997 comedy. This focuses on pals, Herb (Lemmon), a widower and Charlie (Matthau), a gambler. Charlie talks Herb into going on a cruise with him where they can look for women, but have to be dance hosts because they can’t afford it. Soon, Herb finds romance with divorcée, Vivian (DeHaven) and Charlie with Liz (Cannon) who is single, but is on vacation with her mother, Mavis (Stritch). The late, McClanahan (The Golden Girls) plays Ellen, the ship’s owner and Spiner (Independence Day) plays obnoxious, cruise director, Gil. This is a good comedy with a good cast and The late, Lemmon & Matthau were great together as usual. I recommend this.

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