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Watchable for fans of the genre.
Astronauts Jason Grant (Walter Koenig of ‘Star Trek’ fame) and Ray Tanner (Bruce “Ash” Campbell) discover some ancient alien artifacts in the vicinity of the moon. Among them are an alien corpse (that turns out to be 14,000 years old), and an object somewhat resembling one of the eggs from the “Alien” franchise. When the object and the corpse merge into a menacing cyborg, our heroes are motivated to make a return trip to the moon to see what else is out there. They’re in for some more discoveries. This time, one of them is a very human looking female named Mera (lovely Leigh Lombardi).

Director Robert Dyke and screenwriter Tex Ragsdale try not to overstate matters. Basically, Jason has to figure out for himself what the story is, and expresses it out loud just to make sure that we get it. Dyke does a creditable job of working with an obviously very limited budget, but establishes a fairly grim atmosphere right from the start. The practical special effects are actually pretty damn good considering the constraints. Joseph LoDuca composed a decent enough score. While Dyke and Ragsdale are to be commended for creating a serious mood, they don’t hesitate to insert a little levity here and there. As can be expected, the swaggering Campbell does have his moments. There’s just a little bit of gore, but folks looking for exploitable elements will be pleased to see that Lombardi and an exotic dancer both bare their breasts. The dialogue isn’t always so hot, but the performances are fine from the two leads, and they do create some chemistry. It IS nice to see veteran Koenig in a top billed hero role.

Be sure to wait through the closing credits for a little bit of an epilogue.

“Moontrap” is decent, deliberately paced entertainment that may have some appeal for lovers of sci-fi / horror combos.

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