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Live A Little Love A Little

Live A Little Love A Little

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Live A Little Love A Little – Photographer Greg Nolan meets Bernice, and loses both his job and his apartment. However, Bernice manages to get him a new apartment, but it is so expensive that he has to get two full-time jobs. Nolan has trouble finding time to do them both without his bosses finding out.

One Of The Best, But Lesser Known Elvis Flicks

Live A Little Love A LittleI am a huge Elvis fan, but even I admit most of his movies were dreadful, and that’s being kind. This one is a pleasant exception. Not only is it quite funny at times, but the songs in the film are well above average for a Presley movie, and Elvis himself looks and acts better than in the seven or so films that preceded it. He has a natural flair for comedy, as anyone will know who has seen his earlier film from 1962 “Follow That Dream,” which was another under-appreciated Elvis film. He acts more grown up and the situations he’s thrust into have a much more adult theme than in his previous efforts. By the time this film was released, these points were lost to most critics, who dismissed it as just another infantile Elvis musical. That’s a shame, because it deserved a wider audience than it received.

A Revived Elvis and some good songs

Live A Little Love A Little, Nothing about the movie plot here, just the music and the newly revived Elvis. His sideburns were back, his body was slender and more muscular, looking better than he had looked in a movie since “Blue Hawaii”. Michelle Carey is his costar, a buxom slightly kooky girl full of energy. There are only about three songs in the movie, but all are first rate, beginning with “Edge of Reality”, which came out on a single as the flip side of “If I Can Dream”, the single that came from Elvis’ 68 comeback TV special. “Edge” is a very good off beat song that to many fans was better than “Dream” and helped make the record a double sided hit. The next is “A Little Less Conversation”, an up tempo number that, as you all know by now, was remixed and re-released a couple of years back and became Elvis’ 31st number one hit. Then there is “Almost in Love”, a great quirky love ballad that is one of his better songs ever. This is a highly enjoyable movie and better than many of his others. See it.

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