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Kane & Abel

Kane & Abel

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Kane and Abel are born on the same day the same year on each side of the Atlantic. William Kane is born in one of the richest families of Boston and grows up to be a banker on Wall Street. Abel Rosnovski is born in the Polish countryside and has to spend many years in Siberian prison camps before he travels to New York and eventually creates one of the world’s largest chains of hotels. The confrontation between these two men, both striving for power and success, will make the finance capital of the world tremble.

Kane and Abel

i first saw this in 1992 and was amazed how this series captured what can happen in real life. the past few years i have tried to get a copy of it with out much luck till recently, it cost me a lot but it will always take pride of place in my movie collection.I think the combination of Sam Neil and Peter Strauss was in part the making of this mini series, they are both fine actors and played their parts to perfection, my partner would not have even considered watching something like this normally but sat through it because i had raved about it for so long and when it had finished he had tears in his eyes and said DAM BRILLIANT,he enjoyed it, and was glad that he had taken the time to watch it.

Slice from a period
a Biblical suggestion. great cast. clever script. and a long battle between two men each with his way. a legendary series who seduce again and again. not only for acting or story but for special care to create its atmosphere. a film about success and self – definition who impose Peter Strauss and Sam Neal in two powerful roles. and the science to explore each detail of character, the air of 1980 years, the music, the dialogs, the costumes, the mark of different societies and the inspired direction are keys for an admirable work who use the drama nuances and the soap – opera tricks, who impose the dream as possibility and transforms the rules of fairy tale. a film about a competition. or a kind of war.memorable scenes and nice memories.

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