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Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun

Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun

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A Clever Concept!
Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun, The European Space Exploration Council sends two astronauts to explore a planet similar to the Earth but located on the opposite side of the sun.

Gary Gerani, co-writer of “Pumpkinhead” (1988), ranks the film 81st in his book “Top 100 Sci-Fi Movies”, praising Doppelgänger as a “fine example of speculative fantasy in the late ’60s”. He expresses satisfaction with Thinnes’ and Wymark’s performances, the characterization (and the themes entailed, including adultery, infertility and corruption) and the “Fourth of July-style” special effects, calling the film “enigmatic”.

I thought the concept of this film was brilliant, because it would actually be possible. At least some of it. And then the “twist”… while not possible, still a pretty great idea. The film could have veered into horror at that point, but remained firmly in science fiction, in some ways even working as a companion piece to “2001”…

Solid Sci-Fi – Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
This film has excellent production values and decent performances by the cast. Poor Herbert Lom is killed very early in the film; and at first, I suspected Inspector Clouseau had done him in. It was difficult to take Lom seriously after the Pink Panther films, just as it was difficult to take Leslie Neilson seriously after The Naked Gun films. This film takes the high road of intellectual curiosity about a planet found on the other side of the sun that is exactly in the same orbit as earth, but everything is the opposite. That would mean the Orioles would be in first place, and the Yankees in last place. Seriously, though, it is an interesting concept to ponder. Try to catch it.

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