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Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue Dolphins

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Island of the Blue Dolphins  When her whole tribe disappears from Westerners, Karana and her brother have to survive themselves. However, her brother is killed by wild dogs, and, all alone, she needs to survive on her own before befriending the very dog that killed her brother. She sometimes has hard struggle but passes what people think women can’t do and does it with no help at all but the knowledge she learned as a young girl

It’s been a long time.

Island of the Blue Dolphins  I saw this film once when I was in 6th grade (over 3 years ago) as part of a class project. We were reading the book so my teacher brought this in to watch. Even though it’s been 3 years since I’ve seen it I’m ready to go back and review it. The story is of a young Native American Girl who was abandoned by her tribe (accidently) and left on her island. She befriend wolves and other wildlife as she makes her solitary life on the island for over 18 years until she was discovered. The film and book are both based on the real story of Juana Maria. The film’s acting is decent and the story id great so I can recommend it. It’s hard to find on DVD but it should still be available somewhere.

Beautiful inspiring movie for youngsters

This movie had a profound impact on me when I saw it as a child. The strength, resolve, and intelligence, as well as dealing with isolation, was so inspiring. I’ve drawn on it throughout my life to emulate the same when faced with difficulties. The bonding with the wild dog, unconditional love, devotion and encouragement was a gift from the creator of all life. Highly recommend for young kids. Island of the Blue Dolphins movie is about a girl named Karana. She and her brother Ramo are on a Island with their tribe . They saw a boat in the middle of the sea so Karana told Ramo to tell their father about the boat.

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