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In The Line Of Duty : The Price Of Vengeance

In The Line Of Duty : The Price Of Vengeance

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In The Line Of Duty : The Price Of Vengeance  Johnny Moore, leader of the Moore gang, a group of professional hitmen, has been having his four thugs knock off several businessmen in the area. Finally, he decides to have them kill the prosecutor who is hot on his trail. After a few failed attempts, Moore does the hit himself. Moore is then arrested for smaller crimes, and while in jail tells his cellmate all the details of the hit on the cop, including his urge to kill the child.

Shoot Em Up Classic

In The Line Of Duty : The Price Of Vengeance  I loved, loved, loved, loved this movie.

I think that the way Michael Gross played his role was utterly magnificent.

I do believe that Michael Gross is quite possibly the premier thespian in film today. Mr Gross, Alan Thicke, and Fred Williamson are my version of the terrific threesome. This duo plus one would kick the butt of any other three actors out there. Unless the other group had Bruce Lee. But that wouldn’t be fair, because he knows Kung Fu. Although I don’t see this being a problem what with Bruce Lee being dead and all. If these three were ever in a movie together. Gee Wiz! That would be the best movie ever in the history of movies. I’d watch it 10 Million times. 10 Billion times maybe.

Anyway, this movie has it all. Guns, Guns, and more Guns, and Michael Gross.

And Michael Gross with Guns!!!

Also gangs. I love gangs. I’ll tell you what… After this movie, there won’t be a gang this side of the Mississippi that will mess with Mr Keaton. And not Alex P mind you. I’m talkin bout his dad.

In the Line of Duty.

It’s your Duty to stand in Line to see this Movie.

“Safe” TV movie thriller

THE PRICE OF VENGEANCE is another IN THE LINE OF DUTY TV movie, following on from an unconnected series loosely based on true cases. This one sees a regular cop (played by Michael Gross, of TREMORS fame, who has subsequently carved himself a niche in TV fare) gunned down by an urban street gang, and the police subsequently trying to convict those responsible. This one goes through the motions in a safe, non-controversial way despite the violence of the story. The reliable Dean Stockwell leads the way and watch out for THE ‘BURBS star Courtney Gains in a small role.
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