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I Will Fight No More Forever

I Will Fight No More Forever

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I Will Fight No More Forever  Re-enactment of the story of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indians, who lived in the beautiful Wallowa Valley of Idaho and Oregon. In 1877, President Grant opened the valley to white settlement, and the Nez Perce were given thirty days in which to move to the Lapwai Reservation. The government sent the one-armed soldier-chief, General Oliver Otis Howard, to clear all Nez Perce out of Wallowa Valley. Chief Joseph, in a succession of shrewd military actions, outmaneuvered ten pursuing units of the U.S. Army until his outnumbered band, sick, starving, and tired, finally surrendered after a seventeen hundred mile, one hundred eight day fighting retreat. On October 8, 1877, Chief Joseph made his noble speech, “from where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever.”

Read Your History

I Will Fight No More Forever  This is a great rendition of the true story of the noble-yet-futile struggle of Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce to retain their independence and tribal life. At one poignant moment, General Howard (in an amazing portrayal by James Whitmore) intones gravely to his Colonel (memorably portrayed by Sam Elliott), “Read Your History.” Then, he continues, the weak are always conquered and subjugated by the strong. The colonel retorts that when the strong become immoral, the day will come that they cease to be strong. This was true in 1877, and the parallels between our self-righteous, duplicitous and brutal behavior then and now are frighteningly similar to today’s America.

Ned Romero does a great job of conveying the nobility, leadership, and tactical brilliance of Chief Joseph. And the native American actors who play the other Nez Perce are uniformly terrific. This excellent movie should not be missed.

Straight Forward DocuDrama about a Truly Great Man

This movie is one of my favorites because Chief Joseph is one of my favorite men in history. Here was a man possessed with great intelligence and character. He led his people and suffered great loss. This film shows the inhumanity of man to his fellow man and how one truly great man can rise the the occasion of greatness in the middle of great danger. An excellent film to watch.
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