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High Tide

High Tide

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High Tide  Following the death of Celia at the harbour, Peter is looking for answers – and worried as to Helen’s welfare too. He visits her, and finally finds out the truth.

Worthwhile viewing

High Tide  As another (excellent) reviewer has pointed out, the stories are hit or miss. Unfortunately, there’s no way to review each one and so we’ll have to deal with the series of stories as a whole.

Armchair Thriller ran for four years from 1978 to 1982. It features fantastic TV acting talent bu loses points for script editing. That creepy opening music was written by Roxy Music legend Andy Mackay.

For older viewers there is tremendous nostalgia value to be had here. The stories are on par with similar series’ that were out at the time, like Thriller, Tales Of The Unexpected, Chiller, Hammer House Of Horror, etc.

It was a time when the money-making independent TV channels (LTW, Anglia, Thames, etc) were raking in the dough and had the cash to splash on making great TV.

This compendium of tales differs a little bit from the others in as much as the stories were in several half-hour weekly shows. Some as few as four episodes and some as many as six. Back then we had a bit more patience! But the parts were introduced nicely with still shots and an explanation of what had happened in previous episodes.

Thoroughly enjoyable for us older folk… but perhaps there’s nothing left in these vintage series’ for the younger set.

Brilliant distubing series

I remember seeing this show when I was very young. It was really disturbing, to the point where I had trouble sleeping (particularly that intro sequence). The acting was brilliant, the stories were imaginitive. The was one stand alone story and part of the Armchair Series that ran for a long time on ITV

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