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High Noon Part 2

High Noon Part 2

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Great Movie

High Noon Part 2, I enjoyed the movie very much. I thought Lee Majors captured the essence of Will Kane better than Gary Cooper. David Carradine was great as a likable, not so bad, not so good, down on his luck guy, who wasn’t real particular about the letter of the law. Bonanza’s “Adam” was a particularly unlikable bad guy as the law officer who conducted himself and the duties of his office to satisfy his own personal greed and needs. The theme of a wrong, for which the good guy seeks recompense, was good and evident throughout the movie, as it evolved into a theme of “standing up to evil.” Lee Majors was great as Will Kane, just trying to do right and finally not being able to walk away from evil, knowing he had what it takes to fight it.

With all due regards it wasn’t nearly that bad Henry! So lighten up.

Gary Cooper indeed. It’s a Western Filmed in Tucson on the Old Tucson Movie Set. It’s got its own sense of style to it that works. There’s a plot that can be followed, although its somewhat predictable. But it was worth the watch. Believe Me, I’ve seen My share of stinkers & this one doesn’t smell that bad. So for You to bash it makes no sense to Me. Why not let people decide for themselves? There’s several classic Actors in this Movie. And Henry just so You’ll know, Gary Cooper doesn’t make Movies anymore because He’s Dead!

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