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Heart Of The Warrior

Heart Of The Warrior

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Heart Of The Warrior  Beldar and Sonja, a couple of thieves belonging to the legendary world of sword and sorcery, steal a precious stone shaped like a human heart in the gloomy crypt of the Order of the Thousand Eyes, an evil sect of powerful wizards. When fleeing the scene they realize the gem is cursed. After losing consciousness, Beldar awakens in another world, into the body of a sixteen year old teenager in Madrid eaten by acne.

Amazingly mature!

Heart Of The Warrior  This is a teen film that is not necessarily for teens. It is also a gaming film that is not necessarily for gamers. EL CORAZON DEL GUERRERO is a chilling look at a teen gamer who either stumbles upon a frightening conspiracy… or else he is dangerously insane. And, either way, the end is absolutely chilling. I can only imagine that the reviewer who claimed that the movie did not take itself seriously, either did not watch it to the end, or else he was not really paying very close attention. As for the reviewer who admits to leaving before the film was even half over, I would suggest he’s not really in a position to properly judge the film without having experienced the midway twist in its tone. Easily one of my favorite films.

More than a fantasy

Yes, another silly film about mind-affected teenager that see coinsurance’s and evil wizards ruling the world… But he was right, or really he *is* right. Because the world is ruled by them, the mighty and his warriors. You can close your eyes, but they are still there.

In fact, I started to see the film as a fantasy but at the end I thought that it was allegorical. Not so accurate, but you can see lesser relationships linking a fantasy role-playing game and political and social facts on a certain country, where the film was made on, my country.

OK, let’s say I have so much imagination, too. But can you say that you never suspected about a conspiracy in your own country? never thought that there is some people ruling the rulers? If so, this film is for you. enjoy it.

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