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Hard Bounty

Hard Bounty

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Happy Go Lovely, B.G. Bruno, a rich bachelor, the head of a successful greeting-card company in Scotland, is essentially a kind man but respectable to the point of stodginess and extreme stuffiness. An American troupe visiting Edinburgh wants to produce a musical in town but has trouble getting backers. Bruno meets several of the leading ladies of the show; through a misunderstanding he doesn’t correct the idea that he’s a newspaper reporter. He falls in love with one of the women, who reciprocates; he grows more lively and friendly, to the surprise of his employees. After a series of mishaps and comic incidents comes a happy ending: a successful show and true love.


Extremely sweet and funny

When a stuffed shirt millionaire gets mistaken for a penniless reporter, it’s a comical delight in Happy Go Lovely. The beautiful Vera-Ellen is a dancer in a theater troupe, headed by the always hilarious Cesar Romero, but they don’t have any money to put on their show. By chance, Vera-Ellen gets a ride to a rehearsal from David Niven’s chauffeur, and Cesar thinks she’s intimately involved with millionaire Niven himself! Naturally, with one of his leading ladies dating a rich man, Cesar plans to exploit him and get backing for the show. When does the meet-cute tagline come in? You’ll have to keep watching to find out.

Happy Go Lovely is absolutely delightful, but as cute as the premise is, it wouldn’t have risen above B-movie stature without the talent of its three leads. David Niven is pure comic genius, and paired against Cesar Romero, the battle of the frazzled is hilarious to watch. And, as I always say, it’s a great bonus to watch two beautiful people fall in love with each other. The Niv is as handsome and studly as ever, and Vera-Ellen gets to show off her beautiful figure and incredible legs. She sings and dances, and her cuteness rubs off on Niv’s character, letting his sweetness shine through as the movie continues.

It’s not the most well-known backstage musical out there, but it’s awfully cute. Unless you actively dislike The Niv or Vera-Ellen-I can’t imagine why anyone would-there’s no reason why you won’t love this darling little romantic comedy. It’s sweet, funny, and has plenty of eye candy!

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