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Movie Well Done

Gunfighters, I thought that this movie will well done. A solid performance by Randolph Scott with help from Barbara Britton and Dorothy Hart helped this picture along. The film was attractively photographed in Cinecolor. You will have to see this film for itself. This film of an old gunslinger trying to hang up his gun belt starts when someone shouts out “Brazoz! Brazoz” before Brazoz (Randolph Scott) beats him in a gunfight at the beginning of this picture. George Waggner did a good job directing this film. As someone else has noted, Barbara Britton and Dorothy Hart looked like twins in this one. I remember more than twenty year ago, I videotaped this movie when it aired on the late show over some Portland, Oregon television station. The movie, which was shot in color, was shown in black and white. Imagine my surprise when I recently saw this movie in its original Cinecolor format. As mentioned earlier, this movie was well done, and I would consider it underrated.

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