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Grizzly An eighteen-foot grizzly bear figures out that humans make for a tasty treat. As a park ranger tries rallying his men to bring about the bear’s capture or destruction, his efforts are thwarted by the introduction of dozens of drunken hunters into the area.

STARS: Christopher George, Andrew Prine, Richard Jaeckel

91 min | Adventure, Horror, Thriller | 1976 | Color


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Great classic movie
This is one of my all time favorite movies. I know some people say it's cheesy but I think it's a lot of fun. For it to be an older movie it's got some great kill scenes in it. It's also cool that a real grizzly was used for some parts in the movie. If you haven't seen this it's definitely worth a watch.

Death be Not Girdled!
Surely this Joseph Ulibias person knows not of what he speaks, as the film, 'Grizzly', is a Girdler classic, with production values that far surpass 'Jaws', with that clumsy mechanicalized shark. 'Grizzly' used a REAL grizzly for it's attack scenes, albeit from behind an electrified fence. And a REAL guy in a grizzly bear suit for the flesh-eating and gut-crunchy bits. The film made international stars out of Andrew Prine and Richard H. Jaeckel (in the Dreyfuss part). At the Japanese premiere, dozens of people met the stars (well, just William Girdler and Richard Jaeckel), at the airport, where, well, they just chanted 'Girdler, Girdler, Girdler' in unison at alarming volumes and waved their 'Richard' signs, reportedly since most could not spell Jaeckel. Sadly, and strangely, it buried Christopher George's career even further, and for this, I am most remisty. For weeks after I saw this film in the theater, with my late husband, Nestle, I could not go camping and was deathly afraid of bears, all types, and Girdlers. Of course, we were in our 70's then anyway. I would like to see this film remade with today's CGI improvements and much more realistic grizzly bear suits. Though, the core of this terrifying thriller is still VERY potent-like, and Ron Howard could hardly have done better. I'm getting on now in years, and girdlers, but. Thanks for listening. Is this out on DVR yet? I GOT to see the extras, bloopers and Girdler-provided commentary. But, I DARE you to watch this film alone at night in a National Park or Wildlife Refuge, with no weapons or fly-swtatters or anything, and not be titillated are terrored. of bears or suits. I am getting tired, now. Love, Lily Q. Spradlinn' , Luxor, PA, Tipple.

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