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Girl Fight

Girl Fight

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Girl Fight Storyline

Girl Fight, Frustrated by feeling left out, Haley thinks nothing of it when she criticizes the seniors by posting a note about them on a social network site. But when she comes to one of the senior’s aid one afternoon, they strike up an unexpected friendship and Haley soon becomes wrapped up in being part of their crowd, straining her relationship with her parents Melissa and Ray when she begins to come home late, talk back and disobey their rules. Ultimately, the girls discover Haley’s online comments about them. Betrayed, they decide to make her pay by ambushing her and beating her up on camera with plans to post the video online to gain some Internet fame. Devastated by their daughter’s brutal beating and footage of it surfacing online, Melissa and Ray put their hope into the authorities for justice in punishing Haley’s former friends to help their daughter get her life back on track in this story about peer pressure, media scrutiny and forgiveness.

Taking the High Road

Girl Fight, Hailey Macklin was an exemplary student who was severely beaten by a group of high school girls she considered her friends. As portrayed in the film, the girls who attacked her are portrayed as some of the most unpleasant young people imaginable. The film focuses on how Hailey’s assailants should be treated in the eyes of the law

There was an unusual psychological sophistication in the treatment of Hailey by the filmmakers. The young woman underwent a brutal ordeal in which she first blamed herself for becoming involved in the toxic environment that led to her beating. Slowly, she comes to realize that she must decide how she may become whole again.

The film addresses Hailey’s ultimate decision to take the high road and ask for leniency in the judicial process. Hailey even won her mother over to her side, and the mom delivers a moving testimonial to the court about forgiveness.

“Girl Fight” is really a film about human values. The assailants of Hailey really never demonstrated a sense of conscience. They never seemed to feel remorse at the battering administered to Hailey. It was a shocking realization to consider how low the bar has become in the internet age when it comes to human decency.

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