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Freefall Flight 174

Freefall Flight 174

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Freefall Flight 174  It’s the summer of 1983. Canada World Airways’ brand-new Boeing 767 leaves Montreal bound for Edmonton. When the plane reaches its cruise altitude, the impossible happens: the plane runs out of fuel, due to a miscalculation by the ground staff in Montreal. Captain Bob Pearson and First Officer Maurice Quintal face a potentially deadly disaster in this true story, as the 767, with about 60 souls on board, slowly falls from the sky.


Freefall Flight 174  This is a good movie for made-for-TV. A true story about Canada World Airways’ Boeing 767 that runs out of fuel, due to a miscalculation by the ground staff in Montreal. The Captain Bob Pearson (William Devane) and First Officer Maurice Quintal (Scott Hylands) must think of something fast before the plane and its 60 passengers fall from the sky.

The acting is great, as each main character’s live stories are depicted in the movie, as his/her own personal issues are worsened by the plane’s untimely misfortune. The movie is fast pace, leaving little room for mundane scenes and plot lines that drag. We see a movie where people turn from despair to hope as they struggle to find their will to help each other to survive as their plane comes falling. Again, a great TV movie that is worth your time watching.

Trying the impossible ……………

From the grabber opening in a flight simulator, till the electrifying landing, William Devane and his flight crew are trying the impossible. Never before had a jumbo commercial aircraft been landed from a free fall. While the passenger’s personal dramas may seem overdone, everything about the impending disaster is tense and realistic. There are even a few moments of sharp humor to interrupt the extreme anxiety. William Devane carries “Freefall : Flight 174” to greatness with a terrific performance as the cool headed captain. If you enjoy realistic disaster films, this is a must see, and I guarantee you will be cheering at the end.

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