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Forever Evil

Forever Evil

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Forever Evil  One night at a cabin retreat, Marc Denning became the sole survivor of a bloody massacre which claimed the lives of his lover, his brother, and three friends. Shortly after the murders, he begins to look for answers that will explain the slaughter, and soon he uncovers a plot by a mysterious and supernatural cult which for many years has been responsible for a series of periodic ritual murders. Their aim is to bring about the return of Yog Kothag, an ancient god who was so evil that he was banished from Earth centuries ago.

Enjoyable low budget 80s horror/weirdness

Forever Evil  Three couples head to a cabin for the weekend to bid the place farewell before Marc (Red Mitchell) sells it. What they don’t know is that a pulsing stellar Quasar is happening when they get there and it unleashes some monsters that kill everyone except Marc. Still with me? Marc then teams up with Reggie (Tracey Huffman), a female survivor of a similar incident, and Leo (Charles Trotter), a cop who has seen this before, to figure out what is going on. Together, the trio finds out that an immortal being on Earth has been planning these attacks for over a century in an effort to bring back evil god Yog Kothag (someone has been reading Lovecraft) to end humanity as we know it. This Texas-produced flick falls into the same category for me as late 80s flicks like THE VIDEO DEAD, DEMON WIND, THE DEAD PIT and DEMONWARP. It might be a bit budget starved, but you can appreciate the amount of effort and imagination that went into making it. The first time I saw this back in 1990 or so, I was surprised how they pulled a PSYCHO on me and offed everyone about 20 minutes in and took it from there. Mitchell, looking like a cross between Jack Black and Jason Alexander, is an interesting choice for a lead and he is alright I guess. If you are looking for a few laughs, see the scene where Reggie declares her love to him. While the flick is overlong at 107 minutes, it has enough weirdness (demon babies, random zombies, a cute looking demon dog) for me to recommend seeing it at least once.

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