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Fielder's Choice

Fielder's Choice

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Fielder’s Choice  Phillip Fielder is a man who is struggling to rise up in his competitive career. Then his sister passes away leaving him custody of her 8 year old autistic son. As the days pass by Fielder learns the hardships, but ultimately the happiness that comes from being a father. It’s never too late to start a family. Even when it’s the last thing you expected.

Uncle Philip

7 April 2013 | by bkoganbing  See all my reviews

This Hallmark Channel movie presents Chad Lowe as Philip Fielder, young advertising executive on the rise, a fairhaired boy in the eyes of his boss George Segal. He’s also got a not so friendly rival in the agency played by Bodhi Elfman who isn’t too squeamish about doing everything possible to demean Lowe in Segal’s eyes.

Lowe’s tense, but well ordered universe is interrupted when his sister dies in a plane crash and he is left with the custody of his autistic nephew, 8 year old Kesun Loder. 8 year olds are hard enough to deal with in any event, but an autistic child obsessed with airplanes and tennis balls could be too much for Lowe. He’s got to make Fielder’s Choice sooner or later.

The best part about Fielder’s Choice are the incredibly touching scenes between Chad Lowe and Kesun Loder. Loder will more than likely be a higher functioning adult than Dustin Hoffman became in Rain Man. Still the parenting is a daunting challenge for anyone.

Bohdi Elfman will be someone you truly love to hate. He’s not above using Loder’s autism against Lowe in a most underhanded way.

Fielder’s Choice is a good heart tugging drama from Hallmark and well worth a look.

Fielder’s Choice- Perfect Game ****


This movie will definitely tug at your heart despite the fact that we see familiar themes.

An 8 year old who is developmentally challenged is left with his uncle (Chad Lowe) for a weekend by the boy’s mother (Lowe’s sister) in the film. Lowe works in advertising and is working on a big job. Tragedy strikes when the boy’s mother is killed in an auto accident during that fateful weekend and Lowe finds himself as a father.

The child gives a heart wrenching performance. You know that the uncle can’t cope and eventually gives the child to another relative. The expression on the child’s face will forever live with you, when he is rejected by the uncle.

This is basically a story of commitment and reshaping your priorities in life.

George Segal, looking much older and heavier now, has a small role, but in the end, his miserable attitude is well worth recording as the boss who felt Lowe did the right thing by giving up the lad.

The ending is golden. This Larry Levinson production is **** all the way.

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