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Fatal Exposure

Fatal Exposure

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Fatal Exposure  When Jamie Hurd gets the wrong photos from the developing shop, she thinks nothing of it. But when the man in the photos is killed, she is sure one her neighbors must be the killer. But the sheriff wont listen to her.

Low budget, sick, sleazy, gorefest that is surprisingly well acted and shot.

Fatal Exposure  Jack T. Ripperton, the comically named descendant of Jack the Ripper, practices snuff photography and drinks the blood of his victims to stay virile. One of his intended victims looks so much like his great great grandmother that he spares her, makes love to her, and turns her into an unwitting accomplice.

The story doesn’t sound that bad but the movie concentrates on the killing scenes so much that there isn’t much else to it. It’s seriously just one death scene after another with very little else. If that’s your thing, you’ll love this. Oh, plenty of nudity, too.

I love horror movies, but when they’re more about showing agonizing death scenes in detail than plot then they’re not really my thing.

What kept me going were the surprisingly good performances and makeup effects for such an obviously low budget movie! And it was even well shot! I looked up the director and he’s a cinematographer, so I guess there’s no surprise there.

For fans of B-horror, this is definitely worth a watch.

Jack T. Rippington rules!

Fatal Exposure  I’ve been looking for Fatal Exposure aka Mangled Alive for around 15 years. I was lucky enough to find it in a VHS box for another film with the Fatal Exposure name. This film follows the murderous exploits of Jack T. Rippington descendant of the original Jack the Ripper. He plays a photographer who bumps off extremely stupid victims in order to drink their blood to increase his sexual potency! Filled with loads of stupid characters to get bumped, cheap but fun HG Lewis style gore and a good amount of nudity from non-ugly women, this is a fun film for fans of 80’s SOV type flicks or cheap slashers. The gore fx are decent with the ending scene being a highlight. Gorehounds should go into this expecting a decent amount of gore scenes spread throughout and not thinking it’ll be a Blood Pigs or Zombie 90 ultra-gorefest. The over-the-top performance of Blake Bahner as Jack T. Rippington is another highlight. It’s a decent enough made film for this budget level without horrible sound that plagues some of these films. A real hidden gem for fans of such cheap gore films as The Soultangler, Revenge of the Living Zombies, 555, Goremet Zombie Chef from Hell, Demon Queen, etc…
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