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Escape from Fort Bravo

Escape from Fort Bravo

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Escape from Fort Bravo, A ruthless Union captain is renowned throughout his prison fort as the toughest soldier in the business, capable of capturing every escaped convict under his supervision. However, when he falls in love with a visiting woman some of the prisoners seize the advantage and try to escape while he is in a more “mellow” mood.

Exceptional John Sturges western with another sterling William Holden performance

A colorful cavalry-Indian western

Escape from Fort Bravo, This beautiful film is another action western about Union and Confederate soldiers at a western outpost whose task is to hold the territory for the Union, prevent rebel defections, and fight Indians. A pretty rebel sympathizer uses her charms to effect an escape of Confederate officers and the hunt is on. William Holden and Eleanor Parker play off one another well in this tug of war and wills with John Forsythe hovering as an interested party. The film has exciting cavalry-Indian battle scenes, and the second clash is particularly novel in its execution because it is done by Indians. A craven rebel soldier proves to be the unlikely hero at the wind up. The picture was filmed largely in Death Valley and is striking in its great visual beauty.

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