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Elvis : Aloha From Hawaii

Elvis : Aloha From Hawaii

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Elvis : Aloha From Hawaii A 1973 concert by Elvis Presley taped at the Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was the first program to ever be beamed around the world by satellite.

User Reviews

This is the one……

Elvis : Aloha From Hawaii This is the one to show young people who want to know Elvis. Not the silly movies he made in the 60’s. Not even Elvis On Tour or Thats The Way It Is. Show people who want to know what Elvis was all about…Aloha From Hawaii. This is The King of Rock and Roll in his court. He looks stunning. He sounds awesome. You can see the charisma that made him an icon. His white jumpsuits have become kind of a running joke. However in 1973 this was the style a lot of artists were wearing on stage. The one he sports in Aloha From Hawaii looks beautiful. He even tosses the cape and belt out to the audience. I love the 70’s Elvis. The jewelery, the jumpsuits, the limos…all the excess he became famous for. I know that excess (in all forms) drove him to an early grave, but here we get to see him in all his glory before it spun out of his control. Aloha From Hawaii is Elvis, takin care of business.

Fantastic Elvis Concert

This Was by far the best Elvis Presley Concert I have ever seen, I love the way he moves to the song “Fever” I have every single Elvis Concert on DVD but this one truly takes the cake over the others. I also think that The American Eagle Jumpsuit he wore in this show was his finest. It was cool to see a lot of Elvis’ great humor on stage too, like during “Suspicious Minds” he changes the words, “Well don’t you know I’m court in a trap I can’t walk out “I HOPE THIS SUIT DON’T TEAR UP BABY” and when he spilt water all over his piano player. Fantastic concert. I love it when he sings, “You Gave Me A Mountain” that is one of his best songs.

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