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Eagle's Wing

Eagle's Wing

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Eagle’s Wing  A white trapper steals a white mustang called “Eagle Wing” from a Kiowa Indian, who pursues him to get his horse back

Enjoyable western about an interminable pursuit with sensational outdoors

Eagle’s Wing   The picture narrates the odyssey of a cowboy (Martin Sheen) that one time murdered his partner , a white trapper ,(Harvey Keitel) by Indians , steals a horse (called Eagle wing) to Comanches . Having stolen a white mustang from a Kiowa Indian , he then pursues him to get his horse back . As he’s pursued by an Indian (Sam Waterston) who retrieves it and vice versa , going on a relentless pursuit . Meanwhile , the Indians attack a stagecoach with passengers (Stephane Audran and John Castle as a priest whose role was offered to Trevor Howard) and abduct an attractive girl . A Mexican posse (Enrique Lucero , Claudio Brook ) set out to track down the savage raiders .

Solid western with great loads of action and violence . From the initiation when horse robbing until the final , the fast-movement and action-packed western is continued . The pic is a crossover of various films , the white woman kidnapped by Indians just like ¨The searches¨ (by John Ford) , the battle against nature from ¨ Man in wilderness land ¨ (Richard C Sarafian) and ¨Jeremias Johnson¨ (Sidney Pollack) and obstinacy and stubbornness between two merciless enemies who fight with no rest such as ¨The duelists¨ (Ridley Scott) . The magnificent cast is formed by an excellent Martin Sheen (Apocalypse now) as tough and two-fisted rider obsessed to recover the slim and graceful horse . Sam Waterston (Killing Fields) in a rare role as Comanche is very fine . Supporting cast is featured by European actors, -this is a British production by Rank Organization- such as Stephane Audran (Claude Chabrol’s muse) and John Castle (Lion in Winter) as the priest . Besides , Mexican actors (Jorge Luque , Claudio Brook, Enrique Lucero) because being set in Mexican frontier . Splendid cinematography by Billy Williams , it is wonderfully shown on spectacular landscapes . Lively and jolly musical score by by Mark Wilkinson . The motion picture was well directed by Anthony Harvey (Lion in Winter). However , the picture was a flop and barely obtained money and failed at box office

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