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Don't Knock The Rock

Don't Knock The Rock

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Don’t Knock The Rock, Arnie Haines is one of the stars of the new musical genre called rock ‘n’ roll. He is tired of touring, so he and his band decide to take a vacation in their hometown Mellondale. When they arrive, they are welcomed with great enthusiasm by the local youth. Mayor Bagley interferes and forbids them to play in the town, because he doesn’t want them to demoralize the youth. The much-feared columnist Arlene MacLaine is brought to Mellondale by her daughter Francine, who is trying to cajole her mother to appreciate rock ‘n’ roll. But in Arlene’s next column in nationwide media, she denounces Arnie Haines and rock ‘n’ roll. Francine contacts Arnie. On a visit to the beach they not only make up plans on how to change her mother’s opinion, but also fall in love. Their plan is to organize a big rock ‘n’ roll show in the small town Friesville, and bring her mother there. The local mayor Tom Everett agrees to let them hire Friesville Palladium. His daughter Sunny is immediately infatuated by …


Don’t Knock The Rock, This film is very much of it’s time. Sam Katzman produced a number of films featuring record stars and this is one of the best. The star is Alan Dale, who was one of the leading pop singers of the day. Dale was in the forefront of the post-Sinatra generation of crooners, and his versatility ranged from opera to rock ‘n’ roll. This diversity made him a perfect choice for the role of a rock singer with a “serious” side. Dale’s romantic interest is played by Patricia Hardy, who soon afterward married actor Richard Egan and retired.

The main reason for these films was, of course, the records acts — most of whom were seldom if ever seen on network television (Bill Haley and the Comets being an exception). In fact, outside of major urban areas, someone like Little Richard was not even played on most RADIO stations (who chose instead to play Pat Boone’s versions of “Long Tall Sally” and “Tutti Fruitti”!). But, thanks to films like this, people in Pocatello and Salt Lake City were able to experience these seminal rock ‘n’ roll performers. It’s a fun film.

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