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Don't Bother to Knock

Don't Bother to Knock

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Don’t Bother to Knock  A romantically active travel agent gives all his girlfriends keys to his flat – too many to keep count of!

A brave effort to enter the realms of modern comedy.

Don’t Bother to Knock  Richard Todd staked a lot in making this film which was received reasonably and attempted to loose his British stiff upper lip image. The cast included a plethora of pin ups of the time and the light hearted affair was very brave for the time. It however did not propel Todd into another vein of stardom and was probably his effort to galvanise his film career.He however continued to appear in many films with his most noted part being his reprise of the glider landing at the Orne river in The Longest Day.Unfortunately times change and his character type seemed no longer to be in demand as British films fell into more obscurity at this time.The mass movement of US big budgets and generally mass appeal took their toll.

Bill Ferguson (Richard Todd), a travel agent in Edinburgh, has an argument with his girlfriend Stella after he loses the key to his apartment. Unnoticed by Bill, Maggie, an American business associate of his, finds his key in his trouser cuff where he had dropped it, but, before returning it, she makes a copy of the key and gives Bill a gift of a case containing several copies of the key with his address on an attached metal tag.

Subsequently travelling around Europe on a business trip, Bill has romantic encounters with three women, giving each one a key to his flat. When two of them, plus the daughter of the other, arrive at about the same time to attend the Edinburgh Festival, they all decide to stay with Bill, and Bill has to cope with the women all meeting each other, as well as Stella finding out about them.

The Substitute Wife

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