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Dollar For The Dead

Dollar For The Dead

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Dollar For The Dead  A very quick gunman is on the run from a rancher and his men out to kill him for killing his son. The gunman gets mixed up with a former Confederate soldier who has knowledge of hidden gold. The only trouble is he is also pursued by Union soldiers. When they free a man with part of the map to the gold, they then are also pursued by Spanish soldiers. It all leads to a small Mexican town terrorized by soldiers and led a by a good priest who also has knowledge of the gold.

Highly enjoyable homage to classic westerns

Dollar for the Dead is a great little western experiment, and should be seen by all western enthusiasts – especially if you like Sergio Leone’s western style, or almost any western with Clint Eastwood.

The movie is pretty predictable all the way, but that’s really missing the point. It never tries to be a great work of art – just an homage to the old spaghetti westerns.

The style of the movie is great, it has all the right clichés, and the cast works well together – I especially liked William Forsythe in this movie. The movie is pepped up with a modern pace, hilarious over-the-top shootouts and a good dose of comic relief – which all works great. You just have to recognize the movie’s almost sarcastic way of approaching the whole genre.

Pretty good shoot-em-up western with some good acting

I would have liked a few more plot twists and turns but was entertained by this film for the most part. I thought the guy who played the padre & the mean Federale captain, Jordi Molla, did a very good job acting. Also good was Dulley, the one-legged companion to Estevez. The photography was pretty good, beautifull scenery & I loved the movie score that went with it. It was interesting to note at the closing credits that the whole film was filmed in Spain. I would of sworn the film took place somewhere in the southwestern United States. Also interesting was the old-fashioned “machine gun” that Dulley used toward the end of the flick. I wouldn’t mind having this video in my own library.

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