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Demolition High

Demolition High

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Cheesily entertaining Die Hard clone

DEMOLITION HIGH is an amusing straight-to-video DIE HARD rip-off from Jim Wynorski, a man known for pumping out dozens upon dozens of B-movie features over the last few decades. This is by far the best Wynorski film I’ve seen because it’s actually entertaining, at least in a mild sense. The story sees a bunch of terrorists invade an after-hours school with former ’80s sensation Corey Haim the ageing student who stands up against them.

Expect creative death sequences, cheesy one-liners, and a general lack of budget that doesn’t stop Wynorski filling his movie with explosions, action sequences, and suspense. The workshop circular saw death sequence is incredible and stands up against similar moments in the likes of CLIFFHANGER and SUDDEN DEATH, while the lean, pared-down storyline is never boring. Watch out for THE WALKING DEAD’s Jeff Kober in an effective turn as the baddie of the piece, along with cameos from the likes of Gerrit Graham, Dick Van Patten, and various others.

I wish I had gone to this school!

Remember Toy Soldiers? Well, add Jim Wynorski and a low-budget and you get the picture. With more action, too. I’d call this Corey Haim’s comeback performance. He’s been in so many cheesy movies, we had all wondered. Demolition High is a fine action film in the mold of Die Hard…in school. School sucked, but this one seems better. And you got a whole slew of cameos. Some of the death scenes are inventive, too = 1. terrorist flying into band saw 2. lady terrorist getting stabbed by a ton of pencils shot from a fire extinguisher. My only complaint: there’s like a total of 20 kids at this entire school. What, was Wynorski short of extras? Jim, throw me in part three, please!

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