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Day-Time Wife

Day-Time Wife

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Day-Time Wife , When Jane Norton inadvertently discovers that Ken, her husband of two years, is dallying with his beautiful secretary, she decides to turn the tables by applying for a job as secretary to philandering architect Barney Dexter, an associate of her husband. Despite cynical advice from her friend Blanche, a three-time divorcée, Jane stays one step ahead of the amorous Dexter and uses Ken’s jealousy to get him to renounce his extra-marital indiscretions.

STARS: Tyrone Power, Linda Darnell, Warren William

72 min | Comedy, Romance | 1939 | Color


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Marvellous film, highly enjoyable
Day-Time Wife is an absolute gem of a film that is easily enjoyable for its own sake, not merely as a vintage curiosity.
Linda Darnell is sparkling as the young, neglected wife and Tyrone Power very watchable as the handsome but wandering husband.
The scene in which the two secretaries and their bosses end up at the same restaurant, where Darnell more than gets her revenge on her excruciated husband, is exquisite.
The ending also manages to be truly sweet and happy in a plausible way. He's been a fool, but not a total fool.
The only implausibility, perhaps, is the notion of a man neglecting a young wife as beautiful and vivacious as Darnell for his significantly older, less pretty and less amusing secretary. Not that Wendy Barrie isn't a beauty in her own right, but she's eclipsed from every angle by Darnell.
Definitely give this one a watch: it's hugely funny, with a plot that's strong enough to merit a modern remake. This would also be excellent as a play.

Linda Darnell is 115° in the shade.
Linda Darnell is 115° in the shade. The Dallas native, was one of the most beautiful women to be shown on the silver screen.
Born in Dallas, Texas There was no doubt that Linda Darnell had a rare gift for someone so young. When the Hollywood studios sent scouts to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, her mother thought it would be a good idea to take Linda to a tryout. The talent scouts took one look at her and arranged for a screen test. She made the trek to Hollywood, but when her real age became known she was sent home. After two years and more local theater appearances, Linda returned to California and her career was off and running.
Linda convincingly plays the sophisticated wife of well-off businessman Tyrone Power, whom she incorrectly suspects is playing patty-cake with another woman. No one in Hollywood ever played a better womanizer than Warren William, he does it to perfection in this terrific film. Warren is a business associate of Tyrone Power, and he has Linda Darnell on his radar screen. This is a fun, lighthearted movie with beautiful people. Even the bad guy is funny and not seriously threatening. Great entertainment. I'm very happy to have this terrific movie in my 3,000 DVD/Blu-ray collection where I know it cannot be banned or censored in the future.

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