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Dancing On Ice

Dancing On Ice

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Dancing On Ice  Two past Olympic winners pair up random celebrities with professional skaters. The professionals – with some help from the Olympic winners – create dances on the ice as they go head to head for the chance to win.

Much more than a television show

Dancing On Ice  In a sea of reality shows that I don’t touch with a barge pole, this offering seems to be just another – the celebrities, the judges, the voting. All the same really.

However a main difference for me was that I wanted to watch it. Every week, for the whole three series, I have watched religiously, replaying the truly amazing routines and even now I am returning from the live tour 2008 having had a wonderful time last year at their first run! But why doesn’t the x-factor catch my attention like this show? Why am I not running down to see Strictly Come Dancing? Why Dancing on Ice? Amongst the many reasons this show is so good (mainly the professionalism of the whole production) I personally acknowledge Torvill and Dean. Two of the UKs best skaters, who make the act of sliding on a sharp blade look like a walk in the park, their routines are mesmerising. Their attitude towards all the stars are of doting parents, supporting them every step of the way. They are the backbone of this programme and THE most professional and talented people I have seen in years. It’s inspiring.
The team of professional skaters they have assembled and the coaches (inc. Karen Barber) are fantastic. Their goal is simple – to prove that anyone can skate and they are going to teach them.
You truly believe at the end of the well choreographed series the true prize is not the trophy – it’s learning this amazing skill. I hope I can too!

Perfect absolutely enjoyable

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