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Dakota Incident

Dakota Incident

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Dakota Incident : A number of people are waiting for the stage to Laramie. Some are anxious to get there and are willing to bribe the stationmaster for tickets on the sold-out run. When the stage arrives bristling with Cheyenne arrows in it (as well as in the passengers), space becomes available and some brave souls set out on the coach. Attacked by Indians, the horses run off, the coach is burned and the survivors take refuge in a dry gully. One by one the Indians and the passengers pick each other off, until thirst and exhaustion take their toll on the three people left.

Reasonably enjoyable minor western.

Dakota Incident is a minor western with a pretty decent cast. A stagecoach of very different people is attacked by Indians and have to band together to survive.

The set up is pretty slow as it introduces the main characters but there are some decent scenes before the main event begins, certainly enough to keep you watching. If I’m being honest I found the lead Dale Robertson to be a bit annoying but the supporting cast especially John Lund and Ward Bond are pretty good. The real star though is the beautiful Linda Darnell who is great as the strong but alluring Amy Clarke.

On the downside at times it’s a bit too talky for it’s own good which does slow the pace too much at times. There is no effort to portray the Indians as anything other than the generic bad guys apart from the character of Senator Blakely who sees them as more than that.

This is a western that ticks most of the boxes tumbleweed, saloons, card games, gunfights, howling coyotes, Indians, stagecoaches, good looking young woman. The lot. So for all it’s faults this is still an enjoyable western if by no means a classic.

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