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Christy Return To Cutter Gap

Christy Return To Cutter Gap

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Christy Return To Cutter Gap, Christy Huddleston (Lauren Lee Smith) returns to her small town of Cutter Gap learned in the ways and means of a larger world. But the people of the tiny Tennessee burg are not ready for her big ideas, as they would rather stick to their traditions even as the rest of the world is embracing the burgeoning excitement of the early 20th century. Christy must learn some hard lessons of love and loyalty as she follows through her mission of persuasion.

Wonderful, Fun, And True To The Book

Christy Return To Cutter Gap, If you like the novel Christy, then don’t miss this true to the book continuation. Not only are the actors as if they stepped out of the pages of the book, but the story lines and scenery are as they should be in this heart-warming, family tale. Excellent, entertaining script about the idealistic young school teacher Christy (wonderfully played by Lauren Lee Smith) as she struggles to bring change and progress to a resistant backwoods community in 1912 Cutter Gap, Tennessee.

To complicate matters, there is also Christy’s personal struggles as she faces a career crisis and a romantic dilemma over two men that seem to want some type of commitment from her that leave her uncertain and confused. Playing Christy’s two love interests are Stewart Finlay-McLennan as Dr. Neil MacNeill and James Waterston as the Rev. David Grantland. Finlay-McLennan (who played MacNeill in the original series) is magical in this movie and his scenes here are without a doubt the best of a very good thing. And Waterston makes a likeable, earnest David Grantland.

Also on hand is Diane Ladd giving a strong performance as Miss Alice Henderson. How can you not like this warm, wonderful movie? It carries on the spiritual, uplifting, and family values tradition of Christy very, very well.

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