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Chicken Park

Chicken Park

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Chicken Park  Vladimiro is in the Dominican Repubblic with his fighting-chicken. At one point the cock is stolen. Vladimiro starts immediately to look around for having it back. By doing this he discovers that someone is looking to set up a zoo-park full of giants chickens.

Stupid Funny

Chicken Park  A low low low brow spoof of everything with a Jurassic Park setting with chickens instead of dinosaurs, this is a movie to watch with a bunch of friends and loved ones who don’t mind laughing at jokes so bad under normal circumstances you kill the person who told them to you ( Beer would also help). The key to enjoying the film is to look at the title and the premise and realize that it doesn’t get any better than that. If the title and premise don’t make you snicker than avoid the movie, it wasn’t meant for you, if you do snicker or smile as you say “oh come on” then you at least understand the humor and you may find it funny in a so bad its good sort of way. Personally I like the film and its rude, crude, “we have no morals or scruples” way of dishing out laughs.

Eccentric and weird but still terrible

You can never be sure what to make of this movie. Yes, it is terrible, but it is terrible in a non-sensical, not-to-be-taken-too-seriously kind of way. The basic idea is a thin satire of Jurassic Park, done with chickens instead of dinosaurs, and the lack of plot seems to help it in whatever it was trying to do. There is a sort of oddball humour value to the whole experience, although I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is funny only because it is so bad; some of the jokes are so incomprehensible that the only thing one can do is laugh, if only then with a fierce grimace overcoming your face. In terms of entertainment, I’d say about a four out of ten, in terms of quality in acting, scripting, directing, a zero would not quite be small enough across the board.

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