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Carry on Columbus

Carry on Columbus

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Carry on Columbus   Christopher Columbus believes he can find an alternative route to the far East and persuades the King and Queen of Spain to finance his expedition. But the Sultan of Turkey, who makes a great deal of money through taxing the merchants who have to pass through his country on the current route, sends his best spy, Fatima, to wreck the trip.

A brave continuation of a great series

Carry on Columbus   After 14 years since the last Carry On (Emmannuelle), Rogers/Peters decided it was about time they made another. Most of the main stars had died (Kenneth Williams,Charles Hawtrey, Sid James, Hattie Jaques, Petter Butterworth) thus many new stars were required.. Those originals that were still with us were all approached, but often only offered small parts, and thus turned them down (even the role of Columbus was offered to a new star first (Robbie Coltrain) however we do get Jim Dale). Many of the jokes are taken from previous films, but the new actors manage to succesfully deliver them making Columbus much better than the last film (Emmannuelle). Jim Dale shines through out, however my favourite has to be Julian Clary (in a role that would originally have to go to good old Charlie Hawtrey). The only part of this film I do not like is the end. Our “heroes” are left looking rather stupid, having been pawned off with fools gold by the Americans – NOT the way to finish a Carry On film in my opinion. Although lacking the good old “Ooh Matron”, Sids guffaws, and Babs’ giggles we do get a hint at the good old days in Clary’s opening sentence with the classic Hawtrey opening “Oh Hello!” – A good tribute.

Very good!


I know its not up to the standard of alot of the older films, but its miles ahead of Emmanuelle and England im my opinion. It also has some VERY funny lines, the best ever in any Carry On film in fact:

“Now Columbus. Father Torquemada has read your document”

“But its in Hebrew”

“Yes, well he had a Jewish grandmother didn’t he?”

“At the seminary I attended it was compulsory”

“What you mean they all had Jewish grandmothers?”

Absolutely the best line in any Carry On film! Along with other good ones like:

“In gods name… Make it go!”

“Fine foods. Exotic women. Gay companions”

Yeah its not as good as the others and doesn’t feel part of the series with so little of the original stars involved, but its good enough in parts and I hear tell that they are now making another film ‘Carry On London’ – bring it on!

Carry on Constable

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