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Carry on Christmas

Carry on Christmas

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Carry on Christmas In this fourth and final annual Christmas TV special, Sid is a working as saucy Santa in a department store grotto. He reflects on how Christmas has been celebrated though the ages, aided by sketches from the team set in prehistoric, Georgian, World War 1 and Robin Hood times – not to mention a dance routine that’s a real nutcracker.

A very merry Christmas

Watching the Carry On Christmas show from Thames television in 1973 put me in mind of the Christmas specials in the past when in America folks like Bing Crosby, Perry Como and the like did Christmas. No Christmas carols in this show and the comedy sketches are not anything you would see on American television. Where was Mrs. Whitehouse?

Carry On regular Sid James hosts the show and its quite the romp. James is one raunchy department store Santa Claus, but after an encounter with a mother and an overdeveloped 13 year old girl on Santa’s lap, he wishes nostalgically for a more traditional Christmas.

Like they had during the 17th century, during World War I, in caveman times before there was Christmas and in the days of Robin Hood when he made Marian. That’s to give you some idea of Christmases past which turn out to be in the raunchy Carry On style.

Benny Hill couldn’t have been more raunchy. Fun, but Bing Crosby wouldn’t have had a Christmas special like this.

Many a true word

David, you have truly hit the nail on the head – this is brilliant! My family enjoy watching the video whenever we need something to help banish the blues. I really enjoy the banter between Santa and the store manager at the beginning, while my mother and sister grin like the Cheshire Cat during the Ballet sequence! The characters are very well written and performed (especially Jack Douglas’s clumsy, hard of hearing butler, Crapper), and as for the names (Senna Pod, Crapper, Mr Belcher etc) – well, what can you say? This is a wonderful record of the Carry On team at their hilarious best. (Personally, I think the team are much funnier without Kenneth Williams)

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