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Carry On Cabby

Carry On Cabby

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Speedee Taxis is a great success, which means its workaholic owner Charlie starts neglecting Peggy, his wife. Suddenly a fleet of rival taxis appears from nowhere and start pinching all the fares. The rivals are Glamcabs, and they have a secret weapon. All their drivers are very attractive women! Who’s behind Glamcabs? It’s open warfare and only one fleet can survive! You’ll strip your gears laughing at . . . Carry on Cabby

STARS: Sidney James, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Connor

91 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance | 1963 | Color


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Very funny with a little bit of social commentary
In spite of the absence of Kenneth Williams (for the first of only four times out of the 30 films made during his lifetime), this is my favourite "Carry On" films. It has a stronger plot than any of the six previous films and comes close to being a comedy-drama at times. It's more realistic than the other films and even has a little bit of social commentary in it, which is the last thing that I would expect in a "Carry On" film.
Sid James and Hattie Jacques make great leads, playing their roles relatively straight. I liked the fact that Jacques was afford such a big role, her first that amounted to more than a cameo since "Carry On Constable". Kenneth Connor, one of only two actors to appear in all of the first seven films, is also very good in an unusually straight role. Returning from his temporary sabbatical, Charles Hawtrey is effortlessly hilarious as Pintpot and gets the lion's share of the best lines. He provides much of the film's humour.
The funniest sequence in the film is probably Charlie and Pintpot driving a heavily pregnant woman and her husband to a hospital and back several times due to multiple false alarms. It has a great supporting cast including Esma Cannon (though she isn't as funny as in "Carry On Cruising"), Milo O'Shea (in his only "Carry On" appearance) and Amanda Barrie. Like Williams, however, Joan Sims is very noticeable by her absence.

A Fab carry on!!!
A classic. This the carry on to start with. Everyones is giving 100% effort. The cast are all enjoying it. Hattie is great as the nagging wife of Charlie Hawkins ( Sid of course).Charles Hawtrey is having the time of his life. This film lacks Kenneth Williams and Joan Sims but is still a classic.Kenneth Connor is great as Ted. and Liz Frazer is marvellous as Sally . Bill Owen makes an appearance he's great as well!!!. Jim Dale makes his first Carry on film and he is great as the expectant father. Overall 100/100. This is what true carry on is. Peter Rogers and Gerald Thomas made a Fantastic film even after 43 years it still stands out.!!!

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