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Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales

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Campfire Tales  A group of teens, stranded in the woods after a car accident, entertain themselves by telling classic horror stories. What follows is a series of eerie tales that include monsters, psychopaths, and ghosts, and that remind you that things aren’t always what they seem.

Wonderful Post-Scream Anthology

Campfire Tales  After the success of Scream, everyone and their mother seemed to want to make some hip slasher movie with a cast of semi-familiar TV faces. In that sense, Campfire Tales fits that formula, but the stories themselves are far from the winking, slash-happy Scream successors.

A car load of teens has an accident and spend their time telling creepy stories to each other as they wait to be rescued. The first story tells the classic urban legend of the couple who park where they shouldn’t and a grim surprise awaits them in the morning. The second is a disturbing variation of the “people can lick, too” urban legend about a dog who fails to protect a little girl from danger. The final installment centers on a biker who falls for a mysterious young woman with a dangerous daddy.

Each story is told with a fairly straight face and the second story really brings the chills. The final twist ending is painfully predictable, but all three stories are so solid that you probably won’t mind much.

Campfire Tales was unfairly neglected upon release and I hope a wider audience will get to experience it at some point.

Campfire Tales, way underrated!

I would like to say that I absolutely loved Campfire Tales! To me, it was one of the original horror flicks with a twisted ending. As if the contents of the movie weren’t scary or weird enough, you have the ending. It’s a very awesome movie and I’m so happy that it’s being released on DVD on August 30th.I will not hesitate to get my copy on that day.I don’t think the movie received all the credit or recognition it should have, because all these other movies came out shortly after and was acknowledge, but if it weren’t for my brother telling me about the movie, I wouldn’t have known. Which stinks because in my opinion it’s far better than any “Scream”, “I know what you did Last Summer”, or any other horror for that time. So I hope that you are able to see the movie yourself and at least be able to see the difference. I loved it, and being a horror movie junkie, Campfire Tales was like dessert for me!

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