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Bumfights 4 : Return of Ruckus

Bumfights 4 : Return of Ruckus

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Bumfights 4 : Return of Ruckus, Exploding with insane Fights, Hilarious Pranks, Crazy Crackheads, Gorgeous Girls, and some of the Most Shocking Stunts ever by The Worlds Best Homegrown Stunt Teams, Vol 4 is simply the rawest, most hardcore ruckus video ever produced.

Understandably controversial, morally dubious, but immensely entertaining

Bumfights 4 : Return of Ruckus,  I can understand why this film gets slandered alot, and whilst you’re watching homeless people fight each other for dollars (and probably laughing your ass off at some of the stunts) you can’t help but think what kind of a sick society produces this, but morals etc aside, as a piece of Jackass-esque film, this like it or not is the logical next step, and a very funny one. To the film maker’s credit, this is very well edited, and they apparently paid for all the medical bills and expenses incurred to the stars of the show, and are also last I heard in the process of getting their asses sued off of them by Roofus et al.

I never found Jackass funny, but I thought this was hillarious, especially the bumhunter segments and the “duckie!” guy. Bling bling just stole the show for me though, seriously, that guy should get his own chat show!

I think for most people, the moral dubiousness will obstruct their viewing of what is essentially a very funny movie. If you are one of these however, I don’t think that you can laugh at jackass, yet complain when something like this comes along off of the back of Jackass’ success. If you supported Jackass, then like it or not, you are partly responsible for this as anyone else.

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