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Bugles in the Afternoon

Bugles in the Afternoon

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Bugles in the Afternoon, Kern Shafter arrives at a Dakota army post to find it commanded by his old nemesis Edward Garnett. Shafter and Garnett despise each other, and the antagonism ripens in a competition for the affections of Josephine Russell, a beautiful young woman. Bugles in the Afternoon, Garnett repeatedly attempts to diminish Shafter in Josephine’s eyes, and he sends Shafter on dangerous missions, clearly hoping Shafter will not return.Bugles in the Afternoon,  A scouting mission in support of General Custer’s command leads both Shafter and Garnett into the most dangerous circumstance of their lives.


Another Variation of Little Big Horn!

“Bugles in the Afternoon” was another telling of the Battle at Little Big Horn. This version tells the story from the point of view of two soldiers who hate each other over a previous confrontation.

In the opening, Capt.Bugles in the Afternoon, Kern Shafter (Ray Milland) is being stripped of his rank and dishonorably discharged over a disagreement with fellow officer Capt. Edward Garnett (Hugh Marlowe) in which Garnett was “run through”. Shafter then travels west to Fort Lincoln, Nebraska the headquarters of General George Custer (Sheb Wooley). On the way west Shafter strikes up an amicable friendship with the comely Josephine Russell (Helena Carter).

Bugles in the Afternoon, On his arrival at the fort, Shafter re-enlists as a private (I don’t know how this was possible since he had been drummed out of the army back east). Shafter discovers that Garnett is also at the post. An old acquaintance Capt. Bugles in the Afternoon, Myles Moylan (Barton MacLane) arranges with S/Maj. Hines (James Millican) to have Shafter assigned to him. Hines hands Sergeant’s stripes formerly belonging to the high spirited Irishman Donavan (Forrest Tucker) Donovan challenges Shafter to a fight and comes to respect him.

Later, much to Shafter’s chagrin, he discovers that Garnett is also interested in Josephine. Garnett manages to have Shafter assigned to him and sends him on dangerous life threatening missions in the hope that he will not return. Garnett and Shafter are a part of a scouting mission preceding the Little Big Horn battle. Garnett sends Shafter, Donovan and McDermott (John Pickard) on a suicidal mission. Garnett fails to prevent their ambush and both Donovan and McDermott are killed.

Bugles in the Afternoon, Shafter discovers the Little Big Horn massacre of Custer’s command. Back in camp, Shafter confronts Garrett and…………………………………………………….

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